Summer in Key Largo 2022 and our new discoveries!

I can’t believe we are already in December! As I mentioned in my last post- life has been pretty crazy these days and it has definitely been hard to find time for my blog. I sure am trying though! Although we are definitely already almost officially in winter, and Summer 2022 is behind us, IContinue reading “Summer in Key Largo 2022 and our new discoveries!”

Summer Vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains!

This post is WAY overdue! This summer was a bit of a whirlwind and although I kept trying to get to this post, I never did. If you follow me on social media you know that I took the exam to become a licensed real estate agent in Florida days before leaving on our tripContinue reading “Summer Vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains!”

All things BIMINI, Bahamas!

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip with some of Peter’s baseball teammates and their families to the beautiful island of Bimini in the Bahamas! Despite it being only about 60 miles from Miami where I am born and raised I had actually never visited! I am going to share all about itContinue reading “All things BIMINI, Bahamas!”

Tips for Working out while on Vacation

Believe it or not, I like working out on vacation! I always feel great after a workout, I love the endorphin rush and it helps me feel less guilty when I indulge on meals and sweets. A couple of weeks ago we took the kids to Universal Orlando for Spring Break and I did makeContinue reading “Tips for Working out while on Vacation”

My first Alcohol Free Vacation- Universal Orlando

If I’m being honest, I hesitate and go in circles about whether or not to share about my alcohol free journey. The reality is, I feel like I am really putting myself out there and I do not have thick skin! That being said, I also find there is such as stigma around all ofContinue reading “My first Alcohol Free Vacation- Universal Orlando”

LegoLand Florida

While we are avid Disney fans and grew up going to Universal, we had never visited LegoLand Florida. This is it’s 10 year anniversary so by the time it opened Peter and I were in our mid 20s and really had no reason to go especially since it’s not a place we grew up visitingContinue reading “LegoLand Florida”

Disney Genie Plus- Is it worth it?

A few weeks ago we took an impromptu trip to Disney! Almost since the kids were born we have been annual passholders. Now that they are a bit older though, it has become harder to go as often. The kids, Natalia especially already being in 2nd grade, should not miss school and their extra curricularContinue reading “Disney Genie Plus- Is it worth it?”

How I went from not being able to run a mile to running a FULL Marathon- DISNEY style

This is one of the blog posts that I have had on my mind practically since I started this blog! In fact, this is one of those that makes me regret not starting my blog sooner! I wish I had written about this three years ago when it was fresh in my mind. We’re hereContinue reading “How I went from not being able to run a mile to running a FULL Marathon- DISNEY style”

Holidays at Home in MIAMI

I am going to start this post with brutal honesty. I usually like to travel for New Year’s Eve. As our winter break ended, I was totally bummed we did not travel for NYE. The kids are off from school and our office closes so it’s honestly the perfect time for us to travel andContinue reading “Holidays at Home in MIAMI”

St. Pete/Tampa Bachelorette Party

I have been very blessed this summer to have traveled quite a bit! In fact, I started this blog at the beginning of the summer and thus far it has been mostly travel related! As much as I would love to have a travel blog, this was not intentional and needless to say, our lifestyleContinue reading “St. Pete/Tampa Bachelorette Party”