Why Confession wasn’t what I Expected

I took many positive things from my Emmaus retreat experience, which I share about in my post My Emmaus Retreat Experience and interestingly enough, although the retreat was in December, the experience continues to add value to my life. One of the reasons I went on the retreat was because I knew that for manyContinue reading “Why Confession wasn’t what I Expected”

The Rosaries of Natalia’s Communion Photos

Lent is upon us and after my Emmaus retreat in December I have been trying really hard to connect with God more. As I shared in my post ‘My Emmaus Retreat Experience’, I came back from my retreat knowing that I needed to prioritize time with God and time to express gratitude more. I haveContinue reading “The Rosaries of Natalia’s Communion Photos”

My Emmaus retreat experience

This past weekend I did something I have been wanting to do for a long time and I went on an Emmas retreat. SPOILER ALERT- there will be no spoilers! haha If you are curious about it then you need to go experience it for yourself. That being said though, I can share why IContinue reading “My Emmaus retreat experience”