Post Pick-Up Positivity

You know the saying- bigger kids bigger problems? I never really believed it. Actually- I’m thinking until the middle school/high school years this likely does not start to apply. I may not get as many hours of sleep a night as I should but to this day I like my somewhat uninterrupted (Peter still comesContinue reading “Post Pick-Up Positivity”

LegoLand Florida

While we are avid Disney fans and grew up going to Universal, we had never visited LegoLand Florida. This is it’s 10 year anniversary so by the time it opened Peter and I were in our mid 20s and really had no reason to go especially since it’s not a place we grew up visitingContinue reading “LegoLand Florida”

Holidays at Home in MIAMI

I am going to start this post with brutal honesty. I usually like to travel for New Year’s Eve. As our winter break ended, I was totally bummed we did not travel for NYE. The kids are off from school and our office closes so it’s honestly the perfect time for us to travel andContinue reading “Holidays at Home in MIAMI”

EASY Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Oh the Elf! I think it’s a love hate relationship with the Elf on the shelf for most of us! My kids get so excited with the magic of the Elf that I can’t help but like the tradition…. but also, who likes waking up in the middle of the night and remembering that youContinue reading “EASY Elf on the Shelf Ideas”

How my baby boy taught me to never say I can’t do something

Natalia is my first born and of course will always be the one who taught me how to be a mom but I will always say that Peter is the one who taught me to never say I can’t do something. Today, on his 6th birthday, I thought it would be a good day toContinue reading “How my baby boy taught me to never say I can’t do something”

Key West with the Kids

The very last thing I wanted to share from our time in the keys is about our day trip to Key West with the kids! We love Key West! I actually went here for my bachelorette party and Peter and I have been back together for a few anniversaries. I am sure we will haveContinue reading “Key West with the Kids”

Jacob’s Aquatic Center and Key Largo Community Park

If you’ve been following along you know that our time in Key Largo wasn’t a 100% vacation. We couldn’t check out of life and work for over 5 weeks. Peter and I need a paycheck and as far as the kids go they needed to complete their summer packets for school and we didn’t wantContinue reading “Jacob’s Aquatic Center and Key Largo Community Park”

Daytona Beach and WHY I want my kids in competitive activities

We spent 4th of July in Key Largo last year and absolutely loved spending the holiday there! Fireworks were cancelled because of COVID and you could hear everyone doing their own fireworks all through Key Largo. I remember sitting on our dock at night with Peter listening to so many fireworks going off and feelingContinue reading “Daytona Beach and WHY I want my kids in competitive activities”

Universal Orlando with Little Ones

Born and raised in Miami, just hours away from Orlando, we generally visit the attractions in Orlando several times a year. We are avid Disney fans and took both of our kids to Disney when they were just months old! Disney in general, but especially Magic Kingdom is geared towards kids and even if theyContinue reading “Universal Orlando with Little Ones”