LegoLand Florida

While we are avid Disney fans and grew up going to Universal, we had never visited LegoLand Florida. This is it’s 10 year anniversary so by the time it opened Peter and I were in our mid 20s and really had no reason to go especially since it’s not a place we grew up visitingContinue reading “LegoLand Florida”

Disney Genie Plus- Is it worth it?

A few weeks ago we took an impromptu trip to Disney! Almost since the kids were born we have been annual passholders. Now that they are a bit older though, it has become harder to go as often. The kids, Natalia especially already being in 2nd grade, should not miss school and their extra curricularContinue reading “Disney Genie Plus- Is it worth it?”

Why you need to learn to LOVE Rodriguez Key!

Rodriguez Key is a popular go-to for many that live in the area where we rented our Keys house. You may be wondering why I say you need to ‘learn’ to love Rodriguez Key. Here is a photo I took of the water. It’s still crystal clear water. In my opinion the reason we sayContinue reading “Why you need to learn to LOVE Rodriguez Key!”