Saving my Life Right Now- May 2022 Edition

I can’t believe we are already at the end of May! In fact, I can’t believe we are this far into the year period! As I shared in the ‘Saving My Life Right Now- April 2022 Edition these type of posts are something I want to do every month which means I have had intentionsContinue reading “Saving my Life Right Now- May 2022 Edition”

Alcohol and Sporting Events

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend my first couple of sporting events since I started my alcohol free journey. I had never noticed this, but sporting events are actually really tough if you like alcohol and are trying to abstain. Alcohol is actually very much IN YOUR FACE at sportingContinue reading “Alcohol and Sporting Events”

My first Alcohol Free Vacation- Universal Orlando

If I’m being honest, I hesitate and go in circles about whether or not to share about my alcohol free journey. The reality is, I feel like I am really putting myself out there and I do not have thick skin! That being said, I also find there is such as stigma around all ofContinue reading “My first Alcohol Free Vacation- Universal Orlando”

Alcohol Experiment and This Naked Mind Book Reviews

I have spent some time now wrestling with whether or not share about this journey and about these books. Apart from slightly slipping it in a couple of blog posts, I have been relatively quiet about my alcohol free journey. I gave up alcohol for lent and I am a believer that what you doContinue reading “Alcohol Experiment and This Naked Mind Book Reviews”

Saving My Life Right Now- April 2022 Edition

For a few years now I have listened to the Best of Both Worlds podcast. As I was folding laundry while listening to podcasts on my headphones last week, an episode of Best of Both Worlds came on titled ‘Saving our Lives Right Now’. The episode was a about big and little things that wereContinue reading “Saving My Life Right Now- April 2022 Edition”

Why Confession wasn’t what I Expected

I took many positive things from my Emmaus retreat experience, which I share about in my post My Emmaus Retreat Experience and interestingly enough, although the retreat was in December, the experience continues to add value to my life. One of the reasons I went on the retreat was because I knew that for manyContinue reading “Why Confession wasn’t what I Expected”

The Rosaries of Natalia’s Communion Photos

Lent is upon us and after my Emmaus retreat in December I have been trying really hard to connect with God more. As I shared in my post ‘My Emmaus Retreat Experience’, I came back from my retreat knowing that I needed to prioritize time with God and time to express gratitude more. I haveContinue reading “The Rosaries of Natalia’s Communion Photos”

2021 in Review and 2022 Goals

I believe most years on New Year’s Eve I have said a few words on social media on what that particular year brought. This year and hopefully moving forward it seems fitting that I do this on my blog rather than on a social media post. I also saved this post for the first MondayContinue reading “2021 in Review and 2022 Goals”

My Emmaus retreat experience

This past weekend I did something I have been wanting to do for a long time and I went on an Emmas retreat. SPOILER ALERT- there will be no spoilers! haha If you are curious about it then you need to go experience it for yourself. That being said though, I can share why IContinue reading “My Emmaus retreat experience”