Saving My Life Right Now- April 2022 Edition

For a few years now I have listened to the Best of Both Worlds podcast. As I was folding laundry while listening to podcasts on my headphones last week, an episode of Best of Both Worlds came on titled ‘Saving our Lives Right Now’. The episode was a about big and little things that were making the hosts lives easier in this season of life. I loved the idea of it since it’s always nice to hear ideas from others on what is making life more manageable these days. It gave me the idea to do a monthly ‘Saving my Life Right Now’ where I will share 3 things that are helping keep me stay sane these days. March and early April especially are months in which I am going a little crazy since my our biggest work deadline of the year is April 15 (April 18 this year but SHHHHH I don’t want my clients knowing that! Haha I’m praying to have tax season somewhat wrapped up before Easter weekend).

1. Tea

If you paid close attention in my previous post on meal delivery services, you may have noticed that I mention I have completely cut alcohol from my life. I plan to expand more on this on my next blog post so stay tuned BUT for now the point is that on the day this post is published I will have been 39 days alcohol free! For those who don’t know, I do taxes for a living, hence, the big April 15th work deadline!

I’ll admit that alcohol, wine in specific, has definitely been something something I have turned to when that tax season stress hits. If you look at a calendar you will note that I have gone pretty much all of tax season without any wine in my life. I needed something to unwind with and so I have turned to tea. I have drank un-caffeinated tea for some time now on weekday nights but these past 39 days I have definitely drank it a bit more, including on weekends. Even this past Saturday, we went to Happy Wine with friends, and I got home and had my tea before bed.

I’ll expand more on this when I share about my ‘alcohol experiment’ as we’ll call it, however, the reality is that tea will actually relax you more than alcohol would. It is a wonderful way to unwind at night. The scent and the warm liquid is calming. Since I am usually drinking it at night I usually have teas meant for relaxation. Peppermint is one of my favorites and it also helps with digestion. Yogi brand Teas has a great ‘stress’ relief sample package you can order on Amazon. Click this link if you want to check them out- Yogi Tea Stress Relief Variety Pack. There are so many different flavors and options that you are bound to find something you like!

2. Meal Delivery Service

Needless to say, with how busy this month is, my meal delivery service is definitely saving my life right now! It is so helpful to have healthy meals already cooked and ready to go in the fridge with how busy our schedule is. Between tax season, the kid’s homework and extracurricular activities, adding cooking and dishes to our daily routine was draining me more so than I already am. This has definitely been a lifesaver! I will definitely keep this part short since I have already shared about this on my blog a couple of times. If you didn’t catch my posts, below are the links to two blog posts related to this.

For reviews on several meal delivery services in the Miami Dade area check out my post: Miami Meal Delivery Services

In case you are wondering why I decided we should splurge on a meal delivery service check out my post: ‘I know how she does it’ by Laura Vanderkam book review

3. Journaling

I like to write, in fact, it’s part of the reason I have this blog. I’ve mentioned a few times how I realized at my Emmaus retreat this past December that I needed to prioritize spending time with God and making time for prayer. Since I like to write, a prayer journal has been the best way for me to do this.

Even if you are not spiritual though, journaling has so many benefits. I find that it gives me an opportunity to reflect and get my thoughts together. I also find it relieves stress. It gives me a chance to vent without really bothering anyone, to brainstorm and to just let my thoughts flow. I also try to make it a point to express gratitude. I try to think of at least 3 simple things each day that I am thankful for. I like for them to be small things that occur in day to day life because it makes me really think and dig deep. Something broad such as saying I am thankful for my family’s health or my kids is not only obvious but does not require much thought or reflection.

I have been on a mission since the beginning of this year to dedicate more time to this blog so I have tried different routines but for the most part, I journal in the early morning when the sun is starting to come out which I find is a really good time to do it. I find that my yard is the perfect spot for this. I usually start my days at 5AM so my prayer journal is not the first thing I do most days, but this works for me. It brings peace to my day.

I use an online platform called penzu for my journaling since I prefer to type. If you are using an iPad like I do most days, with a keyboard of course, there is also an app. I like Blessed is She daily devotional to help set the tone for prayer. It includes scripture, a reflection and usually a question to reflect on at the end which will prompt you to journal.

Given the time of year for me (tax season), most of these turned out to be related to stress relief! I hope some of them can help you!

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