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I recently shared on my ‘I know how she does it’ By Laura Vanderkam book review how I realized that I could likely benefit from a meal delivery service since I was spending a substantial amount of time cooking, measuring food for portion control, and doing dishes each day. I have definitely found that while it is going to be a bit more expensive to use a meal delivery service, it helps my weeknights run more smoothly. I also have been a little more willing to cook on weekend nights when we do not have plans since I am not as burnt out from all the cooking and dishes so we catch up a little bit there as far as cost goes.

I have tried different meal delivery services in South Florida over the years so I thought I would share some of them. I will be honest, I have not used some of these in years so some of my comments may not be accurate if there have been changes but you can always call and clarify any concerns!

1. Michy’s Kitchen

I will start with Michy’s Kitchen since this is the one we are currently using. I believe Michy’s Kitchen is mainly known for Keto meals, however, they offer a paleo plan which is the one we are on as well as a healthy and balanced plan and a vegan plan. The food is BOMB! It tastes delicious! She takes comfort foods, traditional latin dishes, fast foods etc. and makes healthier versions of them. We have had arroz imperial, chicken wings and nuggets, spaghetti and meatballs, and southern style meals with corn bread to name a few. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My only gripe with it has been that I find the macros for fat to be a bit high for the plans which are not keto. I am not trying to do a keto diet since I like having some wiggle room on weekends and don’t want to worry about staying in ketosis. I will say that I did reach out to them about this and was told that on the paleo diet macros for fat, protein and carbs should be equal. Furthermore, at the end of the day it’s all about portion control. I do feel I am seeing results, however, I have made the big lifestyle change of cutting alcohol completely. Additionally, I am limiting cheat meals to 1 or 2 on the weekends rather than ‘cheat weekends’.

Thus far I also have to say that they have great customer service! They have been quick to respond to any and all questions and concerns. While I have not tried it, they also offer Uber Eats! If you are curious about using them regularly, this could be a good way to check them out!

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2. Fit2Go

Like most of these, this is one of those that I used years back, however, I have to admit that it was definitely the one that I used for the longest amount of time!

The reason I believe I lasted so long on Fit2Go is because it is the most flexible one. You order your meals via on online portal and unlike most meal delivery services, you have daily options. You can choose from a main meal, gourmet bowl, salad, wrap with soup or sandwich with soup. If you opt for the main meal you can also make changes to it. For example, let’s say you like the side dish and dessert options in the main dish but the protein is fish and like me, you cannot stomach reheated fish. You can request to change it to another protein such as chicken. It is via the portal so it is no fuss! It is also easy to skip meal delivery a day in the week if for whatever reason you have a day in which you know you will not be eating the food from the meal delivery service. They offer daily delivery. The food is good, healthy and fresh! They do not offer breakfast.

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3. Primal Organic

Primal organic is on the pricier side, however, their food is amazing quality! You get what you pay for at the end of the day! Organic is in the name so you know all the ingredients being used are organic. You can tell they are using top quality ingredients in their food. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner they also offer a snack. I have not used their service in years, but my mom has actually been a loyal customer for a very long time. They offer a signature plan, paleo plan, keto plan and vegan plan.

This may have changed, but if I remember correctly one of my gripes with it was that you could not opt to receive meals less than 5 days a week. I usually prefer not to receive meals for lunch and dinner on Fridays since we do eat out.

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4. Nourished Kitchen

I recently had a few meals from Nourished Kitchen since this is the meal delivery service my CrossFit gym partners with. This meal delivery service is great for anyone who is trying to count macros! They provide the nutrition information for all their meals and I found the macros in the meals were balanced enough to stick to my goals. The food is delicious, healthy, and I believe they purchase all their produce at local farmer’s markets.

They usually offer 5 meals on the menu and you can choose which meals you want via an online portal. They must be ordered in batches of 5 or 10. This meal service is also great for anyone who is just looking to fill in a few meals a week or for anyone who does not mind repeating meals since the menu only has 5 options. They have recently started to offer breakfast options such as protein waffles and overnight oats. Additionally, they recently shared on instagram that it looks like there may be some dessert options soon!

They also have great customer service and addressed any concerns quickly.

5. Deliver Lean

This is another one that I did many moons ago, however, I remember finding it to be very healthy and balanced. They provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Back when I used them I remember they served a wide range of South Florida. I believe it was all of dade, Broward and possibly palm beach. I have had to refresh my memory on some of these services so I visited their site and I learned that they now deliver nation wide! I actually am going to keep this in mind for when we go to the keys over the summer since I do not think Michy’s kitchen, or any of the others I have mentioned for that matter, deliver down there.

If memory serves me correctly, my only gripe with them was that they did make it a little difficult to cancel service. I believe they were trying to tie me to paying for another month when I no longer wished to receive meals. I can’t stand when companies do this and it makes me not want to use them in the future. Nonetheless, this was many years ago, things may have changed since, so I am going to think about giving them another shot when we are staying down int he keys over the summer!

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6. Shape Lovers

Shape lovers has been serving Miami since I was a child! I remember my parents receiving their meals from them when I was possibly as young as my kids are! My parents used them for many years and periodically have gone back to them. I personally only received their lunches for a bit.

I found the lunches to be a little heavy for the type of diet I am looking to follow. I was told the dinners are much lighter so the idea may be to eat less later in the day closer to bedtime. I know there is a school of thought that in order to lose weight you should not eat late and your last meal should be light. The lunches usually came with a soup, protein, a carb, a vegetable and a dessert. I have to admit the desserts were a nice touch since they were small and sometimes you want something sweet after you eat!

While the lunches were a not good fit for me, I think this is an amazing option for someone who does not eat healthy at all and is trying to make a lifestyle change. The meals are balanced and definitely healthier than if you were to eat fast food or order from a Cuban restaurant. It allows you to make healthier choices, while still having your arroz con pollo- with actual yellow rice (not cauliflower rice haha!).

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7. BabeAppetit

I LOVE the concept of this one! This meal delivery service is for toddlers! The reason it’s been years since I used some of the delivery services I have mentioned is because they are more expensive than doing groceries and cooking and if the kids were not going to eat the food and we still had a mess in the kitchen, what is the point of spending the extra cash? I was usually on one of these services, pre-kids, especially during tax season.

BabeAppetit sounded like the perfect solution for this! The meals are also nutritious and they find sneaky ways to get those veggies in which we know can be difficult with kids.

While I know there are little ones who do really well with this, sadly at the time I tried giving it to my kids I think they were at the age where they were starting to get picky about everything. Peter and I tried the food and it was AMAZING! Who understands kids right? If you have little ones, I totally recommend it and I would give it a try to see if your kids like it. It was absolutely no fuss to cancel service.

On a side note- sadly my kids have not liked any of these meal delivery services enough to order food for them. I have resorted to making a big batch of something easy I know they like once a week and that’s their meal for the week. They are totally fine with the lack of variety. Maybe these kid friendly easy meals is an idea for another blog post! Haha

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