Osteria Vecchio Piemonte Review

I feel like I am always saying I have all these ideas for the blog that I never get around to! I have been wanting to share about local South Florida businesses that I love. I am hoping to share about one a month. For April and for my first one I just had to share about a hidden gem, Osteria Vecchio Piemonte.

This is a small Italian restaurant located off of Sunset and 107th ave (exact location is 10480 SW 72nd St.). It’s in a small shopping center and you would never expect to find excellent Italian food here…although aren’t these always the BEST places?

Street View

We have been eating here for years. In fact, my office is in the area and Pre-Covid we would eat lunch here religiously every Friday. It was actually the last meal I ate at a restaurant on March 13, 2020 before the world got turned upside down! I have to say that everything here is delicious.

As far as appetizers go, one of my favorites is the ‘Burrata con Prosciutto’. From going so often, we have built a relationship with one of the waiters so I am not sure if this is how it’s prepared usually, but they will usually bake it for it and it is FIRE!

Burrata con Prosciutto

We have also enjoyed their Italian charcuterie boards. There is a shrimp appetizer that is great although again, I think this may be off the menu. I am not a fan of fried calamari but I have been told they are delicious. The ‘Rollatini di Melanzane’ ( eggplant with mozzarella and tomato sauce) is also AMAZING! If you are dining here, I recommend asking the waiter for recommendations. It is a small restaurant with little staff. The waiter who usually serves us also enjoys cooking so sometimes he whips things up for us.

For entrees oftentimes we order the specials so make sure to take note of what is being prepared. My go to dishes if I am not interested in the specials are ‘Paglia e Fieno al Funghi’ which is a mushroom and truffle oil pasta, or penne pasta in pink sauce with mushrooms and spinach. This is actually not on the menu. The spinach ravioli and pumpkin ravioli are also delicious! I am not a fan of Risotto but Peter orders it sometimes and their mushroom risotto is actually excellent! I am a big pasta fan- carb overload- but their steaks and chicken are also very good if you are looking to stay away from those carbs. In fact, just this week we had an impromptu lunch here and I told our waiter I wanted something healthy so he brought out delicious chicken with vegetables. Unless in the keys or at a place specific to seafood I do not usually order fish, however, I have been told by others that their fish dishes are also great! Honestly you cannot go wrong!

Pasta e Fieno ai Funghi (Mushroom and Truffle Oil Pasta)
Penne in Pink Sauce with Mushrooms and Sautéed Spinach
Ravioli with Fig Special
Chicken with Veggies for a healthier low carb meal

If you will be having wine with your meal, they serve 7 y Michi wines! I may be a little biased because this is my brother’s wine but I promise it’s delicious and you won’t regret ordering it!

While I would not label this restaurant ‘Family Friendly’ since it is fine dining, children are definitely welcome! We take our kids all the time and they enjoy the macaroni and cheese very much so don’t fret if you cannot find a baby sitter. They will not have crayons or things to color though so I do recommend taking something to entertain the kids. Nonetheless, this is also an excellent spot for a date night or even day date if you can find childcare!

Kid’s Mac and Cheese

In case you cannot tell thus far, the service here is clearly excellent! I cannot say I have been to a restaurant with a more accommodating staff. Delicious food, good wine and great service! If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Miami- look no further!

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