Formula 1 Miami Experience and My Thoughts on the Price Tag

This past Friday we made some very last minute plans to go to the Formula 1 Miami practice! If you are from Miami, you know how typical Miami residents are. For many, this was the most IG worthy place to be this weekend. That was NOT what this was for us though! Ever since IContinue reading “Formula 1 Miami Experience and My Thoughts on the Price Tag”

Tacos and Tattoos

As I mentioned in my post on Osteria Vecchio Piemonte, I want to try to share about one local South Florida business a month. I got a little heat on that post for promoting a place that many report already gets packed. I have never had an issue getting a table there but it appearsContinue reading “Tacos and Tattoos”

Miami Meal Delivery Services

I recently shared on my ‘I know how she does it’ By Laura Vanderkam book review how I realized that I could likely benefit from a meal delivery service since I was spending a substantial amount of time cooking, measuring food for portion control, and doing dishes each day. I have definitely found that whileContinue reading “Miami Meal Delivery Services”

Osteria Vecchio Piemonte Review

I feel like I am always saying I have all these ideas for the blog that I never get around to! I have been wanting to share about local South Florida businesses that I love. I am hoping to share about one a month. For April and for my first one I just had toContinue reading “Osteria Vecchio Piemonte Review”

Holidays at Home in MIAMI

I am going to start this post with brutal honesty. I usually like to travel for New Year’s Eve. As our winter break ended, I was totally bummed we did not travel for NYE. The kids are off from school and our office closes so it’s honestly the perfect time for us to travel andContinue reading “Holidays at Home in MIAMI”

St. Pete/Tampa Bachelorette Party

I have been very blessed this summer to have traveled quite a bit! In fact, I started this blog at the beginning of the summer and thus far it has been mostly travel related! As much as I would love to have a travel blog, this was not intentional and needless to say, our lifestyleContinue reading “St. Pete/Tampa Bachelorette Party”

Key West with the Kids

The very last thing I wanted to share from our time in the keys is about our day trip to Key West with the kids! We love Key West! I actually went here for my bachelorette party and Peter and I have been back together for a few anniversaries. I am sure we will haveContinue reading “Key West with the Kids”

Key Largo Conch House

I can think of so many things to share about the Keys but now that we are back home I definitely want to explore writing about other content. Nonetheless though, I can’t wrap up my posts about the keys without sharing about my favorite breakfast spot! If I’m being honest, I can’t say we ateContinue reading “Key Largo Conch House”

The Best Sunset in the Upper Keys

Many who frequent the keys have a strong opinion on where you can see the prettiest sunset. While some mention Snooks, I feel the two most popular are Marker 88 and Sundowners. We happened to eat at Marker 88 one night and Sundowners the next so we were able to make a comparison and formContinue reading “The Best Sunset in the Upper Keys”

Ziggy & Mad Dogs- Should you go eat steak in the keys?

When we were living in the keys in 2020, visiting Ziggy and Mad Dogs was a bit of an argument between Peter and I. Although they do serve seafood, it’s known for it steak. Peter was adamant that he would not eat somewhere in the keys that was known for steak! While I do eatContinue reading “Ziggy & Mad Dogs- Should you go eat steak in the keys?”