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As I mentioned in my post on Osteria Vecchio Piemonte, I want to try to share about one local South Florida business a month. I got a little heat on that post for promoting a place that many report already gets packed. I have never had an issue getting a table there but it appears some do! Nonetheless, I like to support and share about local businesses that I love!

For my first post on a local business it was actually a tough choice between Osteria Vecchio Piemonte and Tacos and Tattoos! I started this blog almost a year ago and I have had the idea to share about T & T (as Peter and I call it) almost since this blog was born! I kept getting other ideas and things that seemed more relevant to what was going on in my life and never got around to it. I guess the stars aligned though because what better day to finally share about my favorite Taco place than CINCO DE MAYO!

Tacos and Tattoos is a small place located on Killian and 117th Ave. It lives up to it’s name and despite being located in Kendall, it has a super cool vibe and decor that makes it look like in belongs in trendy Wynwood rather than a small shopping center in Kendall. We love this place so much that when restaurants were forced to close due to COVID, we made sure to pick up food here every weekend. We wanted to make sure to keep them in business! Open for dining or not, we eat here about once a week!

I would describe the food as Mexican fusion. It’s not your traditional Mexican food. Peter, who is half Mexican by the way, describes it as ‘California Mexican’. It definitely has Mexican influence but the dishes are creative. We’ve never had anything here we did not enjoy.

If you have been following along, you know I am currently alcohol free, however, I drank quite a bit for all of my adult life and I am a big fan of craft beers! Tacos and Tattoos has a really nice selection of craft beers as well as local beers. They also tend to switch up the selections so there will usually be something new to try. I also have to say that their margaritas are EXCELLENT! I recently learned they are actually pre-made, however, they taste fresh. I do not usually like pre-made margarita mixes. These are not overly sweet and based on the ingredients, they are somewhat of a ‘skinny margarita’.

Sadly, I cannot say they have any fun mock-tails that I am aware of. In their defense, most places don’t. It’s definitely something I wish our culture would normalize. I wold absolutely love it if they could get some Athletic Brewing on their menu!

You cannot go wrong with any of their appetizers honestly! Depending on what we are in the mood for we have tried a number of them. One of our favorites is the Elote (grilled corn with a creamy sauce and other toppings). We have them cut it in half so it’s easier to share. The chorizo con queso is also amazing! They have excellent guacamole, fried cheese bites, and the queso frito tacos are FIRE!

Chorizo con Queso

One of our favorite entree options is the patacon! This is a toston (fried plantain) with your choice of protein and style on top of it. You can choose to add fried cheese. SO GOOD! We tend to order the carnitas patacon with carnitas served house style and of course, we add the fried cheese! They also have amazing tacos and all kinds of taco options. I love the tacos with ground beef street style and Peter is a big fan of the fish tacos. On Tuesdays they have a Taco Tuesday special where you can get your tacos at a discount. I believe they do need to be ordered street style though but it’s one of my favorite options!

If you are trying to keep it low carb, they also offer lettuce wraps! The protein is usually so delicious that I do not mind ordering these and they help me stay within my goals! The churrasco tacos prepared house style are amazing on a lettuce wrap and I also enjoy ordering them with my usual ground beef, house style.

One of the things I like about tacos and tattoos is the serving sizes usually are not insanely huge. The patacon and tacos will satisfy your hunger but will not leave you feeling like you overate. If you are in the mood for a splurge though, another entree option we love is the burrito! Be warned though, It’s HUGE! The waiters also usually try to convince us to get the bigger version of it since you do get more bang for your buck. That being said, make sure you are coming hungry if you are ordering it or consider sharing!

Pro Tip: If you are like me and like your appetizers and entrees spaced out at a restaurant DO NOT order them together. We have found they will come out together or very close to each other if you do this. I recommend you order your appetizer and then entrees once the appetizer has arrived.

They also have amazing desserts! They offer fried Oreos and a Nutella doughnut with ice cream that is to die for!

Nutella Doughnut with Ice Cream

Finally, although it is a Mexican fusion restaurant, they do offer Cuban Coffee and Cortaditos if you wish for them after your meal. Over the holidays they also had coquito in different flavors (traditional, pistachio, and Nutella).

If you are looking for catering for a party, they also offer wonderful catering! They have platters with wings, sliders, chips with guacamole and salsa and of course, TACOS! We have had it various times and our guests have always really enjoyed it. Prices are very reasonable for both dine in and catering.

If you have not tried Tacos and Tattoos out yet, I definitely hope you do soon!

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