Key Largo and the Gift 2020 gave us

2020…I don’t think anyone came out of 2020 saying BEST YEAR EVER! If you did, i’d love to hear from you! haha All jokes aside- it was a tough year! In the grand scope of things- we were VERY VERY blessed! So many people lost jobs and their businesses. We do taxes and as theyContinue reading “Key Largo and the Gift 2020 gave us”

Daytona Beach and WHY I want my kids in competitive activities

We spent 4th of July in Key Largo last year and absolutely loved spending the holiday there! Fireworks were cancelled because of COVID and you could hear everyone doing their own fireworks all through Key Largo. I remember sitting on our dock at night with Peter listening to so many fireworks going off and feelingContinue reading “Daytona Beach and WHY I want my kids in competitive activities”

Universal Orlando with Little Ones

Born and raised in Miami, just hours away from Orlando, we generally visit the attractions in Orlando several times a year. We are avid Disney fans and took both of our kids to Disney when they were just months old! Disney in general, but especially Magic Kingdom is geared towards kids and even if theyContinue reading “Universal Orlando with Little Ones”