Mosquito Bank

I have so many ideas and so many things I need to share about Key Largo! None of it feels right though if I don’t start with Mosquito Bank! This is the place that took my heart! Maybe I was living under a rock or maybe this is common knowledge BUT I had NO IDEA we had water like this in Florida. NO IDEA. I believe some call it white sands as well. It’s only about 10-15 minutes away if you are ocean side in Key Largo. Coordinates for your GPS are Lat Long: 25.07° N 80.39° W.

If you read my previous post, you know that the first time I discovered this place was in 2019. Growing up in Miami and doing Caribbean cruises most of my life, I can be a bit picky about ocean water. This place blew my mind! Ok- maybe it is not the Bahamas BUT I think it’s close! The water is crystal clear, you can easily see your toes and it looks like you’re in a pool!

I have a few tips on it as follows:

  • Unfortunately, you do need a boat to visit and maybe this is why I was under the rock until 2019 when my parents bought the boat.
  • You need specific weather conditions to visit. You are about 2.5- 3 miles away from the shore so needless to say, if it’s windy, it will be choppy. You also want a low tide. Again- it’s a couple miles away from shore so if the tide is high you won’t be able to reach. On that note- be aware that kids won’t ever touch ground. We use the wind finder app to check the wind. We check the wind conditions and forecast for nearby molasses reef. You want it to be around 10mph winds or less. You can check the tide charts online.
  • If you’ve never been before, beware of shallows on the ride over!
  • If the conditions are right and it’s the weekend or a holiday- plan to be there early so you can get a good shallow spot! On days like this there will be about 100 boats out there. On that note, you may want someone with experience driving the boat to avoid an accident with the crowds.
  • Bring floats! If it’s not low tide, you won’t touch ground. Even before and after low tide you may want your floats depending on how tall you are. Visit this link- floats for some of my faves!

If during our time in the keys you don’t see us here, it’s likely because the weather conditions weren’t right. It’s a little slice of heaven you can find only an hour away from Miami! If you have a boat and haven’t been- visiting NEEDS to be on your TO DO list!

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