Key Largo Conch House

I can think of so many things to share about the Keys but now that we are back home I definitely want to explore writing about other content. Nonetheless though, I can’t wrap up my posts about the keys without sharing about my favorite breakfast spot! If I’m being honest, I can’t say we ateContinue reading “Key Largo Conch House”

Jacob’s Aquatic Center and Key Largo Community Park

If you’ve been following along you know that our time in Key Largo wasn’t a 100% vacation. We couldn’t check out of life and work for over 5 weeks. Peter and I need a paycheck and as far as the kids go they needed to complete their summer packets for school and we didn’t wantContinue reading “Jacob’s Aquatic Center and Key Largo Community Park”

The Best Sunset in the Upper Keys

Many who frequent the keys have a strong opinion on where you can see the prettiest sunset. While some mention Snooks, I feel the two most popular are Marker 88 and Sundowners. We happened to eat at Marker 88 one night and Sundowners the next so we were able to make a comparison and formContinue reading “The Best Sunset in the Upper Keys”

The story behind the little perfume bottle that smells of our Honeymoon

I still have so many ideas and places I want to share about from the keys! I actually just haven’t had the time to draft the posts between working remotely and fitting in time for fun while we’re living on island time! I got the idea for this one while unpacking here in the keysContinue reading “The story behind the little perfume bottle that smells of our Honeymoon”

Alligator Reef

Despite spending half of summer 2020 in the keys, we never made it to Alligator Reef. In 2020 Natalia was 6 and Peter was 4 and although they know how to swim, we started off our trip assuming they would not be old enough to snorkel. Believe it or not, my mom ended up buyingContinue reading “Alligator Reef”

Why you need to learn to LOVE Rodriguez Key!

Rodriguez Key is a popular go-to for many that live in the area where we rented our Keys house. You may be wondering why I say you need to ‘learn’ to love Rodriguez Key. Here is a photo I took of the water. It’s still crystal clear water. In my opinion the reason we sayContinue reading “Why you need to learn to LOVE Rodriguez Key!”

Ziggy & Mad Dogs- Should you go eat steak in the keys?

When we were living in the keys in 2020, visiting Ziggy and Mad Dogs was a bit of an argument between Peter and I. Although they do serve seafood, it’s known for it steak. Peter was adamant that he would not eat somewhere in the keys that was known for steak! While I do eatContinue reading “Ziggy & Mad Dogs- Should you go eat steak in the keys?”

Islamorada Brewery and Distillery

One of our FAVORITE spots in the keys is Islamorada Brewery and Distillery! First of all, we absolutely LOVE their beers! It’s our go to beer in the keys whether it’s the Channel Marker IPA, Coconut Lime Ale, Sandbar Sunday, or Islamorada Ale to name a few, we are fans! Until 2020, while we alwaysContinue reading “Islamorada Brewery and Distillery”