9 Round Review

This past weekend I had the opportunity to try a class at 9 Round! 9 Round is a 30 minute calorie torching workout that combines kickboxing with circuit training.

You come in to find 9 different stations setup. The stations have different type of equipment such as jump rope, weights, kettle bells, and punching bags. There is a white board at each station where different workouts are listed. The idea is to spend 3 minutes at each round. A bell, similar to what you would hear at a boxing match rings at the start of each round and 30 seconds before the end of the round. You then have 30 seconds to transition and catch your breathe before the next round. If you feel up to it you are given the option to spend the 30 seconds completing body weight movements such as squats, plank jacks, etc as directed by the trainer present. You’ll have a trainer available to guide you, correct form, and to answer any questions. The first round is either jumping jacks or jumping rope. After that, depending on the station, you will either do strength training or boxing which of course brings the heart rate up and serves as cardio. It takes about 30 minutes to get through the 9 rounds.

I absolutely LOVED the concept of this! This is a great option for anyone who is looking for short workouts and doesn’t want to be tied to a schedule but needs to get out of the house to be motivated to workout. Members at 9 Round can come in at any time during gym hours and complete their workout. You are not tied to class times. The workout is also only 30 minutes so it’s quick. It’s mostly boxing so it’s unique, calorie torching and so much fun! I definitely took out some of my tax season stress on those punching bags!

I only did one class so I cannot speak for how it works doing this 5-6 times a week. From what I saw, while there is strength training, they did not have very heavy weights. Then again I’m used to CrossFit where maybe we are a little extra on the weights! Nonetheless, I am currently in a place where I am enjoying heavy lifts and feeling stronger so I think I would miss that. The workout was also mostly Cardio based. This is great if you are looking to lose weight! For only 30 minutes, I burnt a good amount of calories. Be ready not to stop in the 30 minutes though! A workout that short cannot be effective unless you take full advantage of the 30 minutes.

Memberships are $165 a month with no contract or $145 a month with a 6 month commitment. Drop in fee is $25. I visited the Tamiami location (14612 SW 8th St.) and there is a Coral Gables location (72 Miracle Mile) under the same ownership. Sadly, neither of these locations are close enough to me that I would be able to become a member or I would possibly strongly consider this for tax seasons since workouts are short and flexible! There is a location closer to me in The Hammocks (11252 Sw 137th Ave) but it is not the same owners so I cannot speak for it. Maybe I’ll drop in sometime to see if it’s the same setup.

Since I was just trying out the class I did not have this option but I did notice that they offered heart rate monitors similar to the ones at Orange Theory. They had a screen up in the gym with the heart rates of those who were wearing them.

Your first class is always free so I definitely recommend trying it out! It was so much fun and I am happy that I made it out there! The Tamiami location is actually in the neighborhood I grew up so it was nice to take the road down memory lane!

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