My Honest Review on the BEACHBODY Workout Platform

I shared about CrossFit in my post ‘My Review on CrossFit’ and I shared about Orange Theory in my post ‘My Review on Orange Theory’ but there was a final fitness platform I wanted to share about and that’s Beachbody!

The best way to describe Beachbody is it’s a platform for at home workout programs that can be accessed via an app on your iPad or iPhone, smart TV or laptop. Think of it like a Netflix of workouts. There are workouts for all levels and like Netflix, content is being added every so often. Additionally, there is a wealth of information regarding nutrition.

In my opinion, as far as at home workouts go, this is where it’s at! Before I was introduced to Beachbody, when I would think of at home workouts, I would think of a set of videos where you are likely doing the same thing each week. This can get boring FAST. While beachbody started this way, now that it’s a streaming service, the newer programs will have a completely different video each day of the program.

All of the programs come with program materials including a calendar to follow. While some of the programs require no equipment, most will require at least dumbbells. Many others call for some other simple equipment such as bands, medicine ball, indoor jump rope, a step etc. Furthermore, there is a program for everyone. The programs range from high intensity boot camp style programs to low intensity barre method types and everything in between. They are constantly adding more content. More recently the BODi platform was introduced. This is a more interactive way of streaming the classes and allows you to log into a class from home. You can also access the classes on demand.

Additionally, Beachbody on demand comes with a wealth of information on nutrition. I shared about Ultimate Portion Fix in my previous post Ultimate Portion Fix or as I call it… the container diet. There is also 2B Mindset and they have recently added a program with a specific focus on gut health. They include not only courses and materials on nutrition but recipes and a cooking show as well!

Beachbody also includes a whole line of products to compliment the nutrition plans and workouts from their superfoods shake Shakeology, to their performance line with pre/post workout supplements, to various cleanses such as 3 Day Refresh amongst other products.

So what is my honest opinion on beachbody? I think as far as at home workouts go, it’s truly amazing! Since it’s a streaming service you really cannot get bored with the workouts since there is such a variety of programs, the new programs offer different videos each day and they are constantly adding content. It also has the benefit of not being tied to class times and not needing to commute to get your workout in. You get your workout in whenever and wherever you want. Depending on what is going on in your life at the moment you can also opt for programs with longer workouts if you have the time and the craving for it or programs with workouts as short as 20 minutes a day. You cannot beat the flexibility. There is truly no excuse not to get into a workout routine. The annual fee for Beachbody on Demand is $99. Although I am currently doing CrossFit, I think I will ALWAYS have beachbody on demand in my back pocket for when there are days I cannot make it to the gym. I also really should be taking advantage of the mobility and yoga workouts beachbody has on Sundays which is usually my rest day. For what you pay it is TOTALLY worth it!

On that note though- there are obviously some limitations to it. Whichever way you slice it, you are still working out at home, most likely alone (although Peter did join me for some time during COVID!). As someone who thrives off of group fitness classes and loves the camaraderie and accountability that seeing the same people each day in class provides, beachbody cannot measure up to this. There are challenge groups within a feed on the app where you can check in with others doing the programs and depending on who your coach is, there are ‘virtual gyms’ via zoom you can join so you can virtually workout with other people, but let’s be honest, it’s not the same.

Additionally, unless you’ve majorly invested in a home gym, you are not going to have the same equipment or weight you would going to a physical location meant for fitness. The price of dumbbells skyrocketed during COVID so the heaviest we have here at home is 20 lb dumbbells. There is no comparison between that weight and what I am working with at CrossFit.

I also found that most of the newer programs, which are the ‘real time’ ones where you don’t repeat videos through the program tend to be made for beginners. Yes, you will get a workout in but its not going to be the same calorie burn and challenge as CrossFit or even Orange Theory to be honest. I think they want to appeal to the person who has all the excuses not to workout so they make sure to cater to those who may be a bit out of shape. The only program Peter and I found to be super challenging was Amoila Cesar’s ‘The Work’. When I inquired which programs may be similar all the suggestions were older programs where you are repeating the same videos every week.

Finally, you do need to be VERY disciplined to see results. These programs will not work if you do not work and the reality is, working out at home requires a lot of motivation. You need to push play ESPECIALLY when you don’t want to. I found to a certain extent I needed to take a pre-workout (I used Beachbody’s Energize) to get myself going most days whereas I don’t require it at all for on site group classes. You need to really commit to the programs and follow the calendar no matter what. Given the flexibility there should be no excuses.

I feel becoming a beachbody coach helps to stay on track because in order to sell product you need to prove the products work. I also found that there is a whole community and many friends to be made through the coaching business. That being said- I have considered doing a blog post on my experience as a coach since I technically am a Beachbody Coach. Beachbody has a business side to it that operates as an MLM. Maybe soon!

My bottom line honest opinion is- if commuting to a gym and class schedules is keeping you from working out and you need that flexibility, beachbody is a 1000% better option than doing nothing! I actually first started beachbody when I was training for my marathon and I realized I needed more sleep. The best way to achieve that was to cut out my commuting time and commit to shorter workouts for strength training with Beachbody. It’s honestly a great option for busy moms!

I did Beachbody for a few years so I am happy to talk about it and answer any questions anyone has about it! Below are links on past blog posts I have on beachbody fitness programs and products:

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